Monday, October 10, 2011

She's crafty, and she's just my type

The kittehs love feathers. They have eaten and destroyed all of their toys. So I was at the art store for school anyway and I picked up a bag of feathers.

With a little hot glue and yarn, their toys are back!

The kittehs did not make it easy. They kept stealing the feathers and yarn away from me. Jerks.

Then, tonight while I was waiting for my pizza to heat up (super vegetarian so it was only half bad, and I only had 3 pieces), I fixed Greybie's ball. She loves these fuzzy balls. Just like how dogs love those squeaky toys. She carries them around the house and brings one to bed every night. However, like dogs, she enjoys murdering her toys and gnawing out the innards. So rather than buy a new one, I took a fur carcass and a plastic bag (for the crinkle).

Then, with only 2 minutes left until the pizza was done, I roughly sewed it closed. I mean, it doesn't really matter since in a couple of weeks I'll find the dead ball under my pillow.

I threw it on the ground and in 2 seconds, Greybie had it.